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Using the MightyMist

... to extinguish a fire, of course.  

Before you begin...


  • Check pressure gauge - make sure the needle is in the green zone. This means there is sufficient pressure to put the fire out. ​


  • Stand a safe distance from the fire - about 1 metre away. 

pressure gauge
Remember... PASS!

  • Pull the pin​

  • Aim the nozzle at the base of the fire. (Yes, it's all about that base!)

  • Squeeze the trigger.

  • Sweep from side to side until the fire is put out completely. Keep aiming at the base while you do so.


  • Watch the area. If the fire re-ignites (yikes!), repeat Aim, Squeeze and Sweep!

Summary of PASS
Using the MightyMist
Where to Place
Where to Place

Fire extinguishers (MightyMist included) should be placed at a designated spot to prevent them from being moved or damaged. This is why they are usually mounted on brackets or in wall cabinets with the handle around 1 to 1.5 metres above the floor.

They should be at an easily accessible location, so that they can be grabbed without difficulty when needed. Also it is best to keep extinguishers off the ground to prevent them from being damaged, e.g. fall over/ get kicked.

Places to keep a fire extingusher at home
Monthly DIY Checks
Monthly DIY Checks

It is good practice to check your MightyMist monthly to ensure it is in good working condition. 


  • Check for any physical damage such as dents and cracks.

  • Check the pressure gauge to make sure the needle is in the green range.

  • Ensure the pull pin is inserted properly

  • Make sure operating instructions printed on the extinguisher are still legible.

  • Extinguisher is at its designated location, and is not obstructed.

Drop us a call/message, or bring your MightyMist down if anything is wrong.

Warranty and Servicing

All MightyMists come with a 3 year warranty and servicing.

If there are defects or problems with your MightyMist during the warranty period of 3 years (under normal use and maintenance), bring it down to the MightyMist HQ and we will repair your MightyMist at no extra charge. 

Also, feel free to use the MightyMist to put out fires, or even water your plants because you can bring it back to us for free top-ups/refills!

Warrenty and Servicing
How it Works
How it Works

MightyMist technology work on the mechanism to displace oxygen and heat with micro droplets of water that scatters around the fire.


When the water were discharge from the nozzle, they are converted into micro droplets that create the water mist as they approach the fire. Due to the micro droplets size of water that disperse out from the nozzle, it cover a huge volume of area which push oxygen away from the fire.

Furthermore as the water mist came into the heat range cause by the fire, water mist will turn into steam and hence remove the heat from the fire. The fire will be cool rapidly in this process.

Without the heat and oxygen, fire will not be able to sustain. 

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